1900s Wax Victorian Boy Doll

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Item number: DIV-331

Beautiful 1900's French wax boy with insert hair and eyelashes, eyebrows, and a nice smile with white teeth.

The body is jointed and and can be put in different positions. The young lord is dressed up with a rich velvet suit and lovely blouse with ruffles and over his shoulders his long black cape.He has such a friendly face a typical face from that time area. His body is in perfect condition and his suit also, he has no damage only some very tiny tips as you can see on the pics but for this age the wax is in more than good condition.His length is 38.58 inch.The hair is in good condition,and he has beautiful hand blown glass eyes.This is a true beauty easy to display in a cabinet or where ever you want because of the jointed body.He comes fully dressed up and with his shoes.