1920s Wax Child Bust

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Item number: DIV-546

Bridget's Cabinet found another beautiful 1920's French wax child bust. probably a P. Imans creation, the famous French wax manufacturer who created the most beautiful wax mannequins which were used to show fashion in the French Magasins. These bust were once part of a complete mannequin, you can still see the little rope on his neck. with this rope the bust was attached to the often paper cache body. It has molded hair and blue glass eyes and an angel face expression. this beauty is still in very good condition, no cracks, maybe some aging and a little tiny chip from his right ear. As you can see we dressed it up a little with some accessories just to give the owner an idea what you can do with this sweet angel face. The accessories are not included in this listing however on one of the pictures the bust is dressed up with a feathered hat. that one will be listed also in our shop.

Size: the height of this beauty is 10.24 inch