1920s P. Imans Wax Bust

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Item number: DIV-426

A stunning very unique French wax mannequin made by P. Imans, this bust which once was part of a life-size mannequin from Paris. She has beautiful hand blown brown hazelnut glass eyes. porcelain teeth and still has all of her inserted human hair, even her eyebrows are in a perfect condition. 

We had our share of wax mannequins but this one is definitely one of the most beautiful busts we've ever had, this one is in such great state, it's like it had been travelled in a time machine, no damage, no pieces missing, just perfect. She also has this stunning facial expression from that period. 

The height of this beauty is 23.25 inches 

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a long time for a perfect wax bust, it is not going to be better than this one concerning the state it is. a real museum piece, a collector's item. 

If you have any more questions concerning this item, please don’t hesitate to ask and drop me a mail.