1920s Belgian Wax Bust

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Item number: DIV-581

Bridget's Cabinet found this gorgeous antique Belgian wax mannequin bust from Brussels. once probably used in one of the finest Galleries for displaying Hats, Scarves, or Jewelry. She is signed on the back with the name of the maker and Bruxelles.


She has a typical 1920s finger wave molded hairdo, beautiful sparkling glass eyes, porcelain teeth, and a wax flapper girl. She has this beautiful old-fashioned expression on her face, She is a true gem from a long time ago, a real museum piece. wax busts are getting harder and harder to find in good condition. well, this one is still in very good shape. this is one for the true collector. we dressed her up with some accessories to show you some different appearances. the accessories are not included. She is a life-sizer, her height. She can be shown in 2 ways: she can be shown flat on a table or lifted with a thick book so she will be lifted a bit.


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