1920s Wax French Bust

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Item number: DIV-651

Bridget's Cabinet found this beautiful French life-size wax mannequin Bust from the early 1900s and was once a countertop display to show hats, jewelry, and other accessories in the early 1900s French prestige magasins. She is still in very good shape, of course, she has some aging wear but that's understandable considering its age. She has a so-called wig head, especially for showing wigs and hats and she has beautiful very light blue hand-blown crystal glass eyes and an incredible face expression. On the top of her head, you can see in one added picture a repair from long long ago but it is not visible at all when she wears the beautiful included wig. Lovely to show your own hat collection or just for decoration, it is a real collector's item. You can dress her up in many styles, i did some in the added pictures to give you an idea how beautiful she looks in different poses and ways of dressing her up. The height of this beauty is 21.65 inches If you still have any questions about this beauty just drop me another mail!!!