1920s P.Imans Wax Bust Gaby

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Item number: DIV-794

Beautiful rare Pierre Imans wax mannequin bust around 1910. The mannequin is in extremely good condition . She has real porcelain teeth and glass eyes. Pierre Imans the most famous wax maker during those days was making a model named Gaby, she must have been a stunning beauty the woman who stood model for this model range . The mannequin is a so called wig model, she comes with a hairnet, she has been used to show wigs, hats and jewelry on the counters of the French Magasins during those years. A rare but special mannequin, from French Paris, an extraordinary piece to complete your collection or just as an eye-catcher decoration. the wax busts become very rare and especially when they are in such great condition as this one, almost impossible to find. after more than 100 years old she is still mesmerizing.

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