19th C, French Boudoir Miniatur Wax Mannequin Bust

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Item number: DIV-1158

Bridgets Cabinet found this very rare Late 19th Century Wax Boudoir Bust from France. it is a small-sized bust so not a life-size bust like the ones they used in the French stores for displaying Wigs, Hats and Jewellery. 

She has like her big sister busts real glass eyes, real implanted human hair and she has a beautiful almost serene expression on her face. she has a looking down pose

She is still in a good condition however she has a small hairline which is quite common with wax busts from this age. it's not through and through just a superficial hairline so nothing serious as can be seen on one of the attached pictures

These small-sized miniature Wax busts are quite rare, a real must-have for the real collector