1930s Wig Head Bust Display

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Item number: DIV-1284

Among the items for sale is this beautiful antique bust, also known as a wig bust, which was used to display wigs and hats, wigs, jewelry, etc.
She has a serene face with closed eyes, as well as a little shy flirty expression, and she still has the original hairnet that was common to these busts.
It features a beautiful art deco foot with soft colors in an art deco design.
It dates from 1920/1930 and is in good condition for its age.
Since these busts are uncommon, she makes a great eye-catcher for many purposes and is a must-have for collectors.
I used the wig as an example for decoration and did not include it. This would be a very good use for hats, wigs, and scarves, as well as jewelry.