Guignol Puppet Theater w 2 Puppets

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Item number: DIV-492

Bridget's Cabinet offers this beautiful 1890 doll sized French Guignol puppet theater with two original antique dolls. We had our share of Guignol theaters but we had never such a rare small one. these particular small Guignol theaters are very hard to find. 

Sizes: Height: 15.75 inch, Width: 9.55 inch, Depth: 4.75 inch 

It is beautifully decorated with gold paint and stunning carved wooden details. two original puppets are included in this listing. The theater is still in very good condition considering its age. This theater is a beautiful eye-catcher for displaying between your antique dolls and toys collection, these theaters are getting harder and harder to find and these little theaters were one of the most populair toys ever in France. 

A lovely unique treasure a real eye catcher.