1900s French Jeu de Massacre Game Toy

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Item number: DIV-554

Bridget's Cabinet found this stunning toy, It's a so called "Tea de Massacre" A French super rare antique fairground knockdown game from the early 1900's, this game is still in working and overall good condition considering its age, the Jeu de Massacre was a common game at French fairgrounds. The puppets shown in these games are often based on local or national public figures or enemies. the purpose of the game that one has to knock down these figures one by one with a kind of dart, there is still one included in this listing. These kind of games are getting harder and harder to find so we are glad we are able to offer this one in our shop. These games are similar to the "Aunt Sally Games" in the UK and "Punks in the USA. 

Size: Width: 18,9 inch, Height: 17.32 inch