Guignol Puppet Theater

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Item number: DIV-699

Bridget's Cabinet found this beautiful 19th. Century french Guignol puppet theater, it comes with 1 original guignol puppet, an harlequin, so it is a fantastic scene all together. it is a smaller sized theater which are very hard to find, the height of this theater is 31.5 inch . it still has all its stunning vibrant original colors, it has a Commedia dell'arte scene on the front.

As mentioned this theater comes with 1 original hand-made guignol dolls which is a very unique find.

These were the toys for the wealthy in those days.

Considering it is about 150 years old this beauty is still in very good condition, there is of course some wear, all the stunning ornaments are still complete and everything is original


This is a real collector's item