Do you want to ask something?

Please, do not hesitate to ask anything. we will always reply within 24 hours. we can imagin there are always some questions about the history of the articles, condition etc . and we are more than happy to answer all your questions.

Can I find your articles somewhere else beside on this webshop?

Yes, it is possible, we have beside this webshop also an Etsy store and a store on Ruby Lane.

To what countries do you ship?

We will ship worldwide.

I saw a beautiful item but I want to pay in monthly installments is that possible?

Yes, of course you can pay with a layaway plan. we do it all the time.

Click HERE to see how it works

I agreed with a layaway plan but this month it is going to be difficult to pay my installment, what can I do?

Just mail us in advance and it won’t be a problem but let us know in advance.

I cannot see some parts of the article very well, Can you send me some more detailled pics?

Yes, of course we can. just tell us what you want to see and we try to deliver you the pics you want as soon as possible

Do you only sell orginal items?

Yes, we only sell original items, no replicas. we have an high policy concerning original authentic items.

How about the prices?

Prices are in US dollars and our current valuta converter will convert everything into pound sterling and into Euros automatically.

I saw an item i want. Can I make an offer?

We are always open for offers , suggestions etc. so don’t be shy and drop us a mail!!

Where are you situated?

Our office is situated in United Kingdom

We also ship also from our storages in the Netherlands & Belgium